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Windfall Electrical services was established in 2008. We are trusted and reliable electricians who serve customers in the city as well as throughout United States Of America. We have extensive experience of domestic and business electrical installations and no job is too small. Our customers value our professionalism, work ethic and our competitive prices.

  • For all your Electrical and Security System requirements
  • All work undertaken by qualified electricians to BS7671 regulations
  • Experienced office staff on hand from initial job enquiry
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Serving all area equipped to handle your industrial and commercial repairs, remodels.

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Our staff always be on time, and be ready and willing to give you the best service possible.

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Providing high-quality electrical services to construction sites, commercial buildings.

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We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your service needs.

Produse oferite

Containere Abroll

Subategorii: abroll containere; abroll containere pentru deseuri din namol cu oblon si etansare; abroll containere pentru deseuri din namol cu usa si etansare; abroll containere cu capac hidraulic; abroll containere cu separatoare; abroll containere super ranforsate; abroll containere pentru deseuri animaliere; abroll containere cu peretii din plasa; abroll containere pentru presa stationara; Platforma abroll; vidanja abroll;

Eurocontainere metalice zincate 1.1 litri

subcategorii: Eurocontainere metalice zincate 1.1 litri cu capac semirotund si pedala; Eurocontainere metalice zincate 1.1 litri cu capac semirotund deschidere manuala; Eurocontainere metalice zincate 1.1 litri cu capac pentru colectare selectiva deseuri; Eurocontainere metalice zincate 1.1 litri cu capac plat metalic sau din HDPE;

Containere Skipp/abzet

Subcategorii: skip/abzet containere simetric/asimetric; skip/abzet containere cu separatoare; skip/abzet cu capac; skip/abzet carucioare; skip/abzet cu capace;


Subcategorii: prescontainer cu capacitatea de 20-24 mc; prescontainere cu capacitatea de 20-24 mc si sitem de liftare pentru containere de 1.1 mc; prescontainere cu capacitatea de 8 mc, pentru masinile de 3.5 tone – pentru deseuri selective;

Containere abroll city, pentru masina 3.5 tone

subcategorii: containere abroll city pentru colectare deseuri selective usoare (hartie, plastic); containere abroll city pentru colectare deseuri de sticla;

Containere basculabile

subcategorii:containere basculabile; containere basculabile pe roti; containere basculabile pe roti acoperite;

Platforme colectare selectiva deseuri

subcategorii: platforma supraterana pentru colectare deseuril platforma subterana pentru colectare deseuri

Containere modulare

subcategorii: office containere; platforme supraterane; containere modulare diverse;

Diverse confectii metalice

subcategorii: poduri rulante; macarale pivotante; bunkere; diverse structuri de ridicat;

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    When dealing with any member of the Live Wire staff, you will never feel as if you are just another sale. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you as a client for many years to come.

    We adhere strictly to the current National Electrical Code, and we conduct regular in-house sessions with our technicians to review any code changes and applications.

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